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Marine Airbag: Newly-developed Ship Launching Technology
- Nov 06, 2018 -

Traditionally ships are launched with slides. From end of 21 century, rubber airbags had been adopted as a new device to launch ships.

Ship Launching Airbag Structure:


Marine Airbag overcomes some disadvantages of traditional sliding launching:

1. As inflated rubber airbags has certain elasticity, it allows the ship to have some pitching without any damage to the ship during launching.

2. The ship hull can have sufficient contact with airbags along the breadth to reduce the hulls stress as little as possible.

3. The soft rubber airbags can protect the hull painting during launching.

4. With flexible and versatile rubber airbags, various kinds of vessels in various sizes and weight can be launching.

5. Launching can be executed at simple and tough-conditioned banks or beaches. A flat ground can be used as the dock way.

6. Airbags can be used to land or pulling ships out of water.

7. Low cost: Save the big cost of construction of a dock way. Launching with airbags just need: a simple inclined dock way with flat ground, airbags, air compressor, wire and a winch.