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Preservation And Repair Method Of Ship Launching Airbag
- Oct 13, 2017 -

The preservation of the Ship Launching Airbag:

When the water balloon is not used for a long time, it should be washed and dried, filled with, coated with talcum powder, placed in the room dry, cool, ventilated, and away from heat. Airbags should be extended flat, not stacked, nor in the air bag on the weight of heavy objects. Airbag can not be in contact with acids, alkalis, oils and organic solvents.

Repair of the Ship Launching Airbag:

The damaged form of a Ship Launching Airbag is generally divided into longitudinal cracks (cracks extending along the length of the balloon), transverse cracks (cracks extending in the circumferential direction), nail (including discs within 10 cm in diameter). The steps are as follows:

(1) to draw the scope of repair, as the boundaries of polished surface. Repair the scope to crack around the cracks, do not miss the dark injury. Expansion range depends on the type of airbag and damage range, usually 3 layers of 18 ~ 20cm; 4 layers of 20 ~ 22cm; 5 layers of 22 ~ 24cm; 6 layer of 24 ~ 26cm. The laying of the longitudinal cracked curtains

(2) Grind the part of the surface until the fiber line is exposed, but do not damage the fiber thread.

(3) for the longer cracks to be first with a cord line suture, sewing needle hole from the cracks about 2 ~ 3cm, needle spacing of about 10cm.

(4) Use gasoline to clean the surface of the part to be repaired and dry.

(5) coated with a layer of mortar. Mortar with raw rubber soaked in gasoline from the modulation. Raw rubber and gasoline weight ratio is usually taken 1: 5, coated with the first layer should be slightly thinner (raw rubber and gasoline weight ratio desirable 1: 8). To be the first layer of mortar dry, and then coated with thick thick mortar and dry.

(6) with a thickness of 1mm, width than the crack 1cm of raw rubber seal closed cracks.

(7) Brush the petrol and dry it.

(8) For the longitudinal cracks, first with a width of 10cm hanging curtain fabric cloth perpendicular to the direction of the cracks applied to a layer.

(9) parallel to the longitudinal direction of a layer of hanging curtains cloth. Cracks around the overlap should be greater than 5cm, and around to be cut into rounded corners.

(10) inclined to lay a layer of hanging curtain fabric. The direction of the cord should be the same as the direction of the oblique cord (or fiber) in the wall. The scope of the overlap should be more than the previous layer of hanging curtains cloth 1cm, and around to be cut into rounded corners.