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Obligation Principle Of Marine Buoy Technology
- Sep 26, 2017 -

There are many types of marine buoy, mainly in two categories, with anchored buoys and drift type buoys. The former includes climate data buoy, sea water quality monitoring buoy, wave buoy, etc .; the latter have surface drift buoy, neutral buoy, a variety of small drift and so on.

Marine buoy technology Marine buoy technology is generally divided into water and underwater two parts, the water part is equipped with a variety of climate factor sensors, distinguish between measuring wind speed, wind direction, temperature, pressure and temperature and other climate elements; underwater part of a variety of hydrological elements sensor , Distinguish between measuring waves, currents, tide levels, sea level and salinity and other marine hydrological elements.

 A variety of sensors will collect the signal, through the instrument automatically disposed of by the transmitter regularly issued. Airborne stations will receive the signal after disposal, they lost the information people need. After the mastery of these materials, will give people the consumption and life to bring great convenience. Such as knowing the flow of the sea, the navigation will be able to counter-current line; know the storm area, sailing can avoid bypass; know the abnormal decline in the tide, can be prepared in time to prevent emergencies.