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Marine Buoy: What Is A Single Mooring?
- Oct 13, 2017 -

A single mooring dock is usually made up of a float that floats on the sea and a pipe that is laid on the seafloor and the land storage system. Marine Buoy On the sea, the oil on the tanker goes through the floating hose into the buoy, from the underwater hose into the submarine pipeline, to the shore of the crude oil tank. In order to prevent the buoy from drift with the waves, with a number of huge chains to connect it with the seabed, so that the float can be in a certain range with the wind and waves floating movement, increase the buffer effect, reduce the risk of collision with the wheel , And will not be drifted by the waves.

In this embodiment, the concept of & quot;Marine Buoy single point mooring & quot; is mentioned a number of times, which is typically composed of a float that can float on the sea and a pipe laid on the seafloor to the land storage system. Float floats on the sea, the oil on the oil tanker through the floating hose into the buoy, from the underwater hose into the submarine pipeline, to the shore of the crude oil tank. These hoses are referred to as "pipeline routing" in the implementation scenario.

As we all know, the shallow water depth of the Dongying Port does not have the large natural tanker near the natural conditions. Artificial dredging and construction of deep water wharf is to make up for this defect of the recipe, but are costly, but also take up a lot of shoreline resources. In this case, a Marine Buoy single point mooring with revolutionary significance in transit history of sea transport is almost the best solution for this problem.

Dongying Port, for example,Marine Buoy single point mooring compared to fixed dock generally has three advantages. First, the single mooring of the ship to get rid of the fixed dock of the shackles, no berthing can be carried out crude oil loading and unloading. Popular in terms of the construction of a floating at the sea of the "pier", will greatly ease the completion of Dongying Port waterway narrow, shallow, smaller, can not match with the development of large tankers and large tankers contradictory. Secondly, the focus of the Marine Buoy single point mooring is the "point", which allows the tanker to freely turn around the "point" according to the hydrological and sea conditions, thereby greatly reducing the impact of the climate on the removal of crude oil. Again, single-point mooring saves port investment and bargaining costs, will effectively reduce the Dongying City financial pressure and oil prices.