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1.8m X 18M 8 Layers Ship Launching Airbag

1.8m X 18M 8 Layers Ship Launching Airbag

1.General Introduction ship launching or landing depending on Marine Airbags is an innovative technology hav ing utomost bright prospect in maritime fields. This kind of "Flexible Launching Technology" is becoming popular around the world because of its costeffective and convienient...

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1.General Introduction


ship launching or landing depending on Marine Airbags is an innovative technology hav ing utomost bright prospect in maritime fields. This kind of "Flexible Launching Technology" is becoming popular around  the world because of its costeffective and convienient advantages. Marine airbag for ship launching overcomes the restrictions of traditional slipway launching methods which is commonly used in small or medium size ship'bulding.


2.Construction features


Luhangmarine airbag for ship launching have the designed structure which consists of five different functionalmemranes  in rubberl ayers. And they are made by patented whole enlacing technology which eliminates joints of cylindrical bodys with hemispherical heads .    


2.1  Outer and inner Rubber Layer


The outer rubber layer that covers the outside of marine airbag to protect under layers from abrasion and other external forces. This compound has sufficient tensile and tearing strength to withstand any condition and hard usage.


2.2 Synthtic-tire-cord layer for reinforcement


The reinforcement cord layers,which are made of synthetic-tire-cord  commonly used in tires, are arranged at ideal angles to hold the internal pressure and distribute stress evenly. So they can provide strong efficient reinforcement


2.3 End Fittings


End fitting include Air Tightness swivel and Safety Air Inlet.


*These end fittings are enclosed when airbags leave our factory.



3. Special attention when use airbags



1) Strictly control the use of pressure


2) Surface contact with the air bag cannot have sharply pointed a blur, prevent prick the airbag


3) Try to avoid air bag length direction of distortion


4) Long time not to use or repaired airbag, pressure test is required before using again; Often use airbags,test once a year.


5) Drag the airbag on the ground balloon is prohibited


4. Luhang Marine Airbag Performacne:

1.5M X 18M 6 Layers Ship Launching Airbag

 More Pictures of our Ship Launching Airbags:

1.5M X 18M 6 Layers Ship Launching Airbag

Ship Launching Airbag

1.5M X 18M 6 Layers Ship Launching Airbag

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