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What Are The Characteristics Of Marine Rubber Airbag?
- Jul 12, 2017 -

Here to introduce you to the Marine Rubber Airbag with what characteristics:

1. Have a high degree of resistance to softness

When the Marine Rubber Airbag is under the bottom of the ship, it is squeezed by the bottom of the ship and the air. Due to the unevenness of the rotation rate, the Marine Rubber Airbag will produce a swirling shape, which is a composite deformation that is both squeezed and produced. At that time, part of the balloon wall will produce wrinkles, in the wrinkle confluence of stress, multi-layer reinforced fiber layout of the wall is easy to layer Torn, provoke the wall to strengthen the fiber broken and cause the entire balloon burst.

2. End of the anti-explosive plan new layout

Airbag matters After the pressure forward, the end of the balloon and rubber joints at the end of the production of sadness of the greatness of the year also increased. After repeated operation of the Marine Rubber Airbag, once the end of the birth of the disclosure of signs, in the low pressure of the dip, the end of the balloon burst easily wounding. In the water bag on the water, some of the poor quality of the balloon, the end of the signs of flying out of the estimated number has been produced, it is worth our forward warning.

3. Optimized layout

Layout optimization of the layout of the principle is to determine the process of Marine Rubber Airbag in the process of determining the main stress of the small and the purpose of the target, and then save the angle of the layers of the cord, arrived in the wall of the layers of the force of the beam roughly balanced, The loss of life from the loss of the greatest degree of development. To this end, we created the inflatable rubber balloon strength model, held a shortened functional test.

4. Often anti-aging ability and wear characteristics

Marine Rubber Airbag in a very unruly environment matters, was sun exposure, mostly about to dry water, gravel and all kinds of pollutants. The appearance of the balloon must be wearable, with the ability to resist fresh water and all kinds of chemical erosion and anti-aging ability. High bearing capacity of the rubber balloon body rejected the artificial rubber as an important information, the rational formula, add all kinds of accessories, try to prove that with long-term anti-aging ability and wear characteristics.