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An Important Part Of Marine Rubber Airbag Production - Mastication
- Jul 12, 2017 -

Xiaobian today to tell you an important part of the Marine Rubber Airbag it, see the following decomposition:

Marine Rubber Airbag in the course of the use of plastic to the purpose of the Marine Rubber Airbag in the mechanical, chemical and heat and other effects under the short macromolecule chain, so that the temporary loss of rubber elasticity, increase the plasticity, and never satisfied in the manufacturing process Process requirements. Often in order to make the mixing agent easy to mix, easy to press out, mold a clear pattern, so that the shape is more chaotic, while improving the adhesive adhesive. However, like the scale of the Malaysian rubber (SMR) this international scale granular rubber, because of its low viscosity, but also does not necessarily need to plastic.

A variety of Marine Rubber Airbag has a different plastic properties, and its chemical composition, molecular structure, molecular weight distribution has a close intimate contact, natural rubber is relatively easy to plastic, synthetic rubber is more difficult. They have different characteristics in structure and function. The process of refining the process of prerequisites, such as temperature, time, capacity, wind pressure, etc., also affect the rubber mastication, the mixer is a high-temperature plastic blend of plastic, the lowest temperature is 120 degrees Celsius, usually Are between 155 to 165. The plastic molding of raw rubber is also affected by the technical function of the equipment. It is usually subjected to the action of high temperature and strong machinery in the tightening machine, resulting in severe oxidation, which can obtain the ideal plasticity in a short time.

After listening to the small series finished speaking, presumably we all understand it, want to know more about the Marine Rubber Airbag knowledge, please inherit the focus on this site.