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The Ship Launching Airbag Is A Soft, Flexible Container
- Jun 08, 2017 -

As we all know, the selection of launching facilities for most small and medium-sized ship enterprises, have a pivotal role. Different water facilities, in addition to the feasibility, the size of its investment is very different. The ship's airbag is a soft, flexible container that, when filled with air, can use the air's compressibility and fluidity to complete the water task, to overcome the previous small and medium-sized shipyard built ship capacity is subject to fixed water slide and dock Restrictions, with its provincial workers, time-saving, provincial investment, flexible, safe and reliable, comprehensive economic benefits of higher advantages, more and more small and medium-sized shipyards for the Ship Launching Airbag water.

It is understood that the development of marine airbag into the water technology is divided into three periods. The first period is the trial stage of small ships. The 20th century, 80 years, this simple, convenient, can be suitable for different types of ship construction mode of the water, by the small and medium-sized shipyard's hot pursuit, many ships use airbags safe water. As the balloon by the structure and strength constraints, when the technology has always been hovering in the weight of 500 tons of small ships to use.

The second period of development is the 20th century, 90 years to the early 21st century, that is, medium-Ship Launching Airbag technology development period. In 1994, a 69.4 meters long, 14.8 meters wide, weighing 900 tons of passenger ferry ship in Zhoushan shipyard successfully launched water, marking the launch of China's Ship Launching Airbag technology launched a new starting point. This technology was named one of the top ten scientific and technological achievements in the ship industry.

The third period of development is the early 21st century so far, for the application of large and medium-sized ship airbag technology development stage. October 2002, 10,000-ton oil tanker "boat sea oil 28" in Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province Huangyan auspicious shipping company with airbag success; August 2008, 55000 deadweight bulk cargo ship "VICTORIA Ⅰ" in Zhejiang three door Jianjie shipyard with airbags smooth water; in December 2010, 70,000 tons of heavy bulk cargo ship "New Dongguan 1" in Zhejiang and Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. with airbags safe water. These success stories are the airbag technology to refresh the record.

According to incomplete statistics, in 2010 China's construction of civil ships, 30,000 tons below the cargo ship, more than half of the use of airbags into the water; 57,000 tons of bulk carriers about 10% is the use of airbags. With the development of high-capacity airbags and the gradual maturity of the balloon water technology, large Ship Launching Airbag has a broader market.

Ministry of Industry and Equipment Industry Division Shipping Department Chen Yingtao said that since 2010, China's shipbuilding three indicators across South Korea. From January to November 2011, the shipbuilding completion, new orders and hand-held ship orders accounted for 41.5%, 51.1% and 47.7% of the world's market share respectively. The status of China's shipbuilding power is further solid, but there is still a long way to go from the goal of shipbuilding. Especially in terms of standardization there is a considerable gap. "Twelfth Five-Year" period is China's shipbuilding industry to achieve a critical period from large to strong. The ability to achieve breakthroughs in standardization is an important sign. At present, the Ministry of Industry and the national standard is organizing the relevant units, set the industry's power, the preparation of the top-level planning role of the ship industry standard system has been officially announced. During the 12th Five-Year Plan period, the state will also increase investment in the standardization of ships, further strengthen the organization and coordination, mobilize all aspects of resources, so that the standardization of the ship has been substantially improved, and further in the international standardization work to play a larger effect.

From the whole ship industry point of view, although the "ship and marine technology ship water balloon international standard" is only a product of international standards, but its release has a milestone significance. Airbag water technology from the people, has long been no academic theory of research and support. Can be said that the shipbuilding industry has been the mainstream of the exclusion of society, the major shipbuilding professional institutions do not have this course. The balloon was once even misunderstood as synonymous with tidal shipbuilding. With the technology continues to mature, the management of the continuous improvement of the balloon water convenient, efficient and resource-saving features gradually emerged, and gradually recognized by the industry and extended to overseas, especially in small and medium-sized ship enterprises have been widely used.

Chen Yingtao said that 30 years of practice today has finally come to fruition, marking the maturity of China's Ship Launching Airbag technology, but also marks the management of China's ship industry to further standardize and improve. In addition to technical aspects, the next step will also improve the safe operation of marine airbag regulations. Not only to ensure the quality of the balloon, but also the entire operation of the airbag procedures and procedures more standardized. With the improvement of the quality of the balloon, as well as more scientific and safe operating procedures, the safety of the balloon is completely guaranteed.