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The Application Of Electronic Compass In Marine Buoy
- Jun 20, 2017 -

Marine buoy is anchored in the sea observation buoy as the main component of the marine hydrological meteorological observation station. It can collect the required marine hydrological and meteorological data for marine science research, offshore oil (gas) development, port construction and national defense construction in a long-term and continuous manner, in particular, to collect information on bad weather and sea conditions that are difficult to collect by survey vessels The In the Marine Buoy, the sensor is an important part of the Marine Buoy to achieve a variety of marine data measurement of the basic components, in which the electronic compass azimuth azimuth measurement is of great significance.

 As the buoy in the meteorological environment complex and volatile ocean, the Marine Buoy's own position at any time because of the impact of waves and winds change. This is quite detrimental to the measurement of some directional marine hydrological data, and the change in the attitude of the buoy itself may also affect the correct measurement of the size of the data, such as ocean currents and wind directions. Therefore, the electronic compass is required to monitor and measure the azimuth of the buoy in real time. By comparing these azimuth data, the relative buoy mounting position of the sensor is compared, and the actual geography direction is corrected to ensure the accuracy of the measurement.

PNI TCM XB three-axis electronic compass by the three-axis magnetic sensor and three-axis acceleration sensor, which combines PNI years of accumulated experience in the development of magnetic sensors, electronic compass for hard magnetic compensation, soft magnetic compensation and tilt compensation to ensure that This high-precision three-axis electronic compass output accurate direction and attitude information. TCM XB specifically considers the effects of temperature and noise and reduces the impact to a minimum, and the product does not produce zero drift. At the same time TCM XB is also very easy to install and use, it can actually be installed in any direction, and provide four correction mode, so as to achieve a good plane from 360 degrees to the use of spherical body. TCM XB electronic compass in the real environment super good performance, making it very suitable for deadline navigation, far target positioning, AUV navigation, ROV navigation, target tracking, ranging and seismic monitoring and other more applications.