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The International Standard For Marine Rubber Airbag For Launching Ships Is Released
- Jul 03, 2017 -

Reporters from the National Standards Institute and the China Shipbuilding Industry Technical and Economic Research Institute held a news conference was informed that the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has officially released by our country and led the development of international standards ISO14409 (ship and marine technology Marine Rubber Airbag Water). This marks the maturity of China's Marine Rubber Airbag water technology, and the world's shipbuilding sector recognition, to further improve China's international shipbuilding field in the right to speak.

It is understood that the Marine Rubber Airbag is a unique shipbuilding process, with its provincial workers, time-saving, flexible, safe and reliable, comprehensive economic benefits, and gradually become small and medium-sized shipyards for the ship's preferred water. The international standard led by our country, the United States, South Korea, Britain, Japan to participate in the joint by the China Shipbuilding Industry Technology and Technology Research Institute as the project leader and the meeting of the convenor of the meeting, Jinan Changlin Air Container Factory Co., Ltd. for the international standard The main compiler and technical support. Shi Baocheng, deputy director of the National Standards Committee, said that the international standard is one of the main manifestations of China's shipbuilding industry's substantive participation in international standards.

This is stipulated in order to strengthen the safety management of construction and construction of ships and ships (hereinafter referred to as ships).

1. Applicable scope

This provision applies to the safety management of the ship 's launching construction.

2. Glossary

Ships into the water: refers to the ship after the main hull / total section from the dock or dock into the water process (hereinafter referred to as the ship into the water).

The way of launching the ship includes: gravity launching (platform longitudinal steel bead slippery water), plane pilfer slide water,

Marine Rubber Airbag water, floating water and the use of large-scale lifting equipment lifting water.