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Marine Rubber Airbag Unique
- Jul 03, 2017 -

Raw materials:

1, rubber: Marine Rubber Airbag selection of high-quality natural rubber products to do the main material, at the same time with a variety of auxiliary materials, reasonable formula, so that the balloon has a lasting anti-aging ability and wear resistance,

2, nylon cord fabric. Cord fabric as a skeleton material, the density of (90 soil 5) root / 10cm wide, breaking strength of not less than 205.8N / root, the maximum breaking strength of up to 313.6N / root.

The company has been committed to the research and development of high-capacity marine airbags, through the new mechanical model and damage mechanism, targeted the development of a new rubber compound formula, vulcanization of new technology and airbag production of new methods in the Marine Rubber Airbag structure layout The more reasonable, the use of more secure.

(1) Marine Rubber Airbag is specially made of high quality natural rubber GB 1 # as the main material, accompanied by a variety of auxiliary materials. Enhance the anti-aging ability of rubber and wear resistance. Marine Rubber Airbag content can reach 60%, rubber tensile strength of more than 20Mpa.

(2) Marine Rubber Airbag skeleton material is used by a single 3-wire made of excellent nylon dipped cord fabric, a single break strength of 313.6N, thus a greater degree of improvement of the performance and service life of the balloon.

(3) The new structure of the anti-explosion design used in the end of the Marine Rubber Airbag effectively enhances the bonding strength and sealing property of the capsule and the end iron piece, thus effectively eliminating the airbag discouragement and eliminate the product safety hazard.

(4) Marine Rubber Airbag with the latest overall winding technology. The technology is simulated by three-dimensional animation, the airbag in the bottom of the rolling, the ship on the direction and size of the balloon, the balloon when the squeeze squeeze and other adverse factors to produce a series of adverse factors to adjust the cord layout to design a reasonable and effective Of the winding way, greatly improving the safety and reliability of the balloon water.

(5) the diameter of the balloon, divided into 0.8 meters, 1.0 meters, 1.2 meters, 1.5 meters, 1.8 meters, 2.0 meters.

Effective length from 6 m to 23 m.

Special sizes are available upon request.