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The Marine Buoy Is An Observation Buoy Anchored At Sea
- Jul 03, 2017 -

Marine buoy is anchored in the sea observation buoy as the main component of the marine hydrological meteorological observation station. It can collect long-term, continuous marine scientific research, marine oil (gas) development, port construction and national defense construction to collect the necessary marine hydrological and meteorological data, in particular, can be collected to investigate the ship is difficult to collect bad weather and sea conditions information The

Coastal and sea observatory observations can only reflect the coastal and coastal waters of the situation, the ocean can not play a role. The establishment of a marine buoy can solve this problem. The Marine Buoy is an unmanned automatic ocean observatory, which is fixed by the fixed sea, with the ups and downs, as the navigation mark on both sides of the fairway. Do not look at it in the sea is not conspicuous, but its role is not small, it can in any harsh environment for long.

continuous. All-weather work, daily measurement and sent out more than 10 kinds of hydrological meteorological elements.

The ocean is unpredictable place: sometimes the wind and sunny, the level as a mirror; sometimes stormy sea, roar like a thunder. In order to understand its temper, people in the coastal and island established on the ocean observatory, measuring wave height. Currents. Sea temperature. Tide. Wind speed. Pressure and other hydrological meteorological elements, mastered the information, will bring more convenience to people. For example, know the wind and waves area, sailing can avoid the line, eliminating the tragedy of the ship covered the death; know the flow of the sea, sailing as soon as possible to go along to save navigation time and energy consumption; know The tide of the abnormal rise, can be prepared in time to prevent emergencies, trying to damage in the event of a loss to a minimum. In addition, the information obtained from the Ocean Observatory is also essential for offshore engineering and marine scientific research.

In general, the whole project of the sea buoy is divided into water and underwater two parts. Water parts are equipped with a variety of meteorological elements of the sensor, respectively, wind speed measurement. wind direction. Pressure. Temperature and humidity and other meteorological elements; underwater parts of a variety of hydrological elements of the sensor, respectively, measuring waves. Currents. Tide. Sea temperature and salinity and other marine sensing elements. The signals generated by the sensors are automatically processed by the instrument, sent by the transmitter regularly, the ground receiving station will receive the signal processing, to get the information people need. Some buoys are located far from the land, send the signal to the satellite, and then the signal will be transmitted to the ground receiving station.

Most Marine Buoy are operated by battery power. But because the Marine Buoy away from the land, the battery is not convenient, there are many marine buoys equipped with solar power storage equipment, and some also use wave energy storage, greatly reducing the number of batteries for the Marine Buoy easier. economic.