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Service Life And Maintenance Of Inflatable Mandrel
- Feb 17, 2017 -

Rubber inflatable mandrel products with its simple construction methods, greatly reducing construction costs, fast recycling cycle gradually won the popular bridge construction units. But the summer regardless of temperature or light has direct impact on the life of rubber products.
Rubber products have a characteristic that is in direct sunlight and high temperature environments prone to accelerated aging, bridge construction, however this must be fully in outdoor construction, so direct sunlight and high temperatures in the summer are inevitable. How to make a rubber inflatable mandrel products extending life as much as possible in such a harsh environment, the following suggestions.
1. construction in the summer if rubber inflatable mandrel for the time being not to use, the best placed in the warehouse, inflatable mandrel shall be contracted without much of a volume, a corner of the warehouse will be able to put down.
2. reasonable construction schedule, preferably directly after release from this hollow bridge plate can be next to die.
3. water maintenance is best to spray water two naked inflatable mandrel.