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Inflatable Mandrels And Rubber Balloon Mold Tips
- Feb 17, 2017 -

With the rubber balloon and inflatable mandrel technology becomes more mature, now more and more construction units select the rubber airbag and air core hollow Board mandrel die as a bridge to help bridge precast concreting work. Since inflatable mandrel is used to replace the traditional permanent mold construction can greatly accelerate the speed of construction, and reduce construction costs.
Recent customer reactions, using inflatable mandrel prefabricated bridge hollow Board, general release is very convenient and fast, but sometimes also experience problems with release. To prevent this problem there is a simple way, is using inflatable mandrels and rubber air bag before you give it a layer "inflatable mould release agent."
Here said the "inflatable mould release agent" is not devoted to the production of release agents, water and SOAP 1:20 soap powder or SOAP into the water, inflate uniform core-mold casting on the surface before brushing three times, and then pouring, so cement after initial set release is quite handy, not easy mode card and sticking.