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Inflatable Mandrel Made Hollow Slab Beam Of Bridge Technology
- Feb 17, 2017 -

1, nine per cent do side mold, wood keel, interval cannot be greater than 40cm, the lateral modes should be straight. Steel tubes with integrated E. Hollow slab mold rubber inflatable mandrel replaced the traditional wooden mold. Now on the bottom layout, layout is finished, according to the relevant standards and other relevant regulations of the State, are welded.
2, the installation of reinforcement cage good bottom side racks, mounted side, and pouring concrete at the bottom. All die at the end of side brush template before pouring oil, mould to brush before casting release agent. Fixed the reinforcement cages, inflatable mandrel into the steel cage, and make up its air interface, start inflating, observe the pressure gauge, pressure stops when the manual specifies the use of pressure, such as inflated. Fixed the core mould to prevent floating. Lashing the upper bar. Pouring concrete.
3, when pouring concrete, first Royal Park finished pouring, pouring in on both sides, and finally pouring upper. When you use a vibrator during mixing, from both sides during a stirring to prevent inflatable mandrel movement. While not touching the inflatable mandrel. After concrete trowel, brushed. Finally sealed by the sack of water conservation.
4, the initial setting time of concrete, open the inflatable mandrel valve started to deflate, deflate is completed, inflatable mandrels can be taken from the hollow slab beam. Stripping time under the control of concrete quality of the cement and the weather conditions. Use template should ensure the smooth surface without deformation.