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The Ship Launching Airbag Caisson Is Pre - Determined
- Sep 26, 2017 -

① review the charging connection system to ensure that the obligations of deformity.

② air compressor should be installed pressure regulator, do not grasp the use of pressure, no more than across the rated pressure.

③ launch air compressor, in turn to the various ships to Ship Launching Airbag charge, when the airbag pressure reaches 0.25Mpa, the airbag top force to reach the critical imbalance shape, to stop charging. Review all the airbag pressure can be different, there is no difference when a Ship Launching Airbag can be charged, so that the basic differences in pressure, and then continue to charge until the caissons open the balcony 30 ~ 40 cm when the airbag cylinder open, stop gas supply.

④ When the Ship Launching Airbag to lift 30 cm, place the pad and deflate the airbag. The Ship Launching Airbag is deflated to be symmetrical, so that the caisson is on the mat.

⑤ jin high pressure oil pump and trolley in place, and stop the one-sided review, to ensure that intact to ensure insurance.

⑥ semi-submersible sitting in the bottom of the sea, measuring the bottom of the submarine angle four corners to ensure that semi-submerged track and trajectory is not broken on the track.

⑦ with rail links to convert the balcony and semi-submersible between the trajectory, and strong activity.

⑧ careful inspection of the barometer when charging, so that the Ship Launching Airbag in the air pressure on the contrary, too much to avoid the shortening of the status of airbags distorted to ensure that the caissons rise bumps.