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Choose The Advantages Of Marine Rubber Airbag
- Jun 20, 2017 -

Marine Rubber Airbag at the bottom of the hook when it was the bottom of the ship and the air squeeze, because the moving rate is not symmetrical, Marine Rubber Airbag will produce a spin-shaped, this is both squeezed and produced a rotation of the composite Deformation of the signs can be used to "rubbing pressure" to describe the hook, file airbag produced a soft pressure hook At that time, the air bag wall will produce folds, in the wrinkle convergence stress dip, multi-layer reinforced fiber layout of the wall Easy to layer torn, lead to the wall to strengthen the fiber broken and cause the entire balloon burst. I plant the development of a new generation of airbags from the rubber formula and manufacturing process two aspects of transformation, forward the layout of the anti-tear strength, with height The ability to resist soft pressure.

1, technical advantages

Inflatable Marine Rubber Airbag to introduce the world's most advanced inflatable fender production technology, and perennial hiring domestic and foreign experienced engineers for training and guidance to achieve a true sense in strict accordance with ISO17357-2002 "ship and offshore technology high pressure floating inflatable rubber Fender "international quality standard production.

2, production advantages

The company accumulated 25 years of professional experience in the production of rubber, the region was established the earliest, the fastest growing, the largest production, technology and capital of the most solid, the most stable quality of the rubber fender suppliers.

3, the quality advantage

The company has the industry's most complete raw materials testing equipment, production equipment, finished product testing equipment. The first through the ISO9001: 2000 international quality management system certification, the products are sold around the world, strict norms of construction requirements and high-quality products and good after-sales service, widely praised by users at home and abroad.

4, the price advantage

Marine Rubber Airbag is made of imported duty-free plastic, Marine Rubber Airbag auxiliary materials procurement in the recent years of close cooperation with suppliers, thus greatly reducing the cost of raw materials and logistics. The company is equipped with the most complete production equipment, so as to avoid the additional costs of processing out. At the same time, improve the management system and rich experience in production, greatly reducing the production of unnecessary working hours and materials waste.