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Rubber water problems when the airbag
- Feb 17, 2017 -

First according to the directions and pressure stated on the certificate of air, it is best to use our specially equipped with pressure gauge, filling to the pressure line. Exceeding this limit may be explosive-filled balloon.
Second air should not be too worried, or may be inflated too quickly leads to one side of the balloon up and no reflection on the other side, that led to get up the side of the blast because of too much pressure.
Third inflatable equipment to according to balloon of size for select, a general DN200mm of balloon must cannot using pump for inflatable, to using pump inflatable, on is big specifications of balloon best select 0.036 cubic of, each minutes of exhaust volume smaller, inflatable time probably in 5-10 minutes around, such words can rarely of observation to pressure table of numerical, not because moments Super pressure and led to balloon blasting situation.