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What length of pipe water balloon and related
- Feb 17, 2017 -

First effect pipeline blocking water balloon using life of factors is pipeline within of material, pipeline within is water and sewage, seal blocking up certainly not as, sewage has too more impurities, are is some life garbage, time long has on will slowly produced ammonia, nitrogen, some has corrosion sex of gas, with balloon seal blocking this class material, balloon of using life certainly to slightly short, certainly, seal blocking zhihou with water flush clean, again coated Shang some prevent aging of rubber, such with of time also President is.
Sealed air bag service life also because inflation pressures, proficiency in the operation of construction personnel, workers in a sealed balloon is often used with a never used plug air workers, certainly there are differences in the use process. Never used does not matter, just follow the instructions of our regular operations there is no problem, according to the US pressure rating of air, do not pressure, appears to use no problem.