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Inflatable air bag inner model of the bridge and points for attention
- Feb 17, 2017 -

Based on the experience of this company for a long time, many construction unit using the bridge when the air bag inner model, inflatable raft is prone to some small problems in the process. General reason for this is when construction workers used the air bag inner model of the bridge did not carefully read the product manual, or skim again began operation in a hurry. This situation most likely to occur when using this series for the first time.
1, preparations for casting is complete, check that the fixed point is already fixed, not pointed towards the air bag inner model of steel cage reinforcement and baling wire.
2, open the pump starts inflating, in the charging process to be observed on the air pressure gauge.
3, when the air pressure using pressure is close to the manual annotation, suspended cabin. For example, indicate on the instructions using a pressure 0.02mpa, when you pause inflatable air pressure to 0.018mpa. Wait for about 30 minutes, watch the pressure gauge is 0.02mpa if it does not meet, then inflated to reach the 0.02mpa. Call waiting: waiting for the back-pressure.
4, to this standard to determine the future use of air pressure, if adding air, and later using gas directly to 0.0185 or 0.019 wait for back pressure, not refillable.

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