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How to buy a good water balloon
- Feb 17, 2017 -

1. good sealing, seal tight
As we all know, the main functions of blocking water balloon is used to pipe water, to block the pipeline in order to achieve the goal of rapid construction, so it fit more closely with a pipe of water the better.
2. inflatable high pressure, friction coefficient
Blocking water balloon into pipeline within reached inflatable Hou, basic completely by balloon propped up to of outside wall and pipeline Wall fitting, and this fitting of strength and inflatable pressure is into is proportional to the of, due to, in pipeline within of hydraulic big Hou, dang blocking water balloon of friction coefficient is less than pipeline water of pressure Hou, balloon on will in pipeline within was implementation, progress has inflatable pressure, balloon of friction coefficient progress has, on greatly progress has blocking water balloon seal blocking of success rate.
3. the water bag is easy to fold and easy to transport and carry.
Good easily portable water balloon products sectors are using high quality soft rubber polymer material, because this material has effect, and the characteristics of light weight, easily folded, transport, construction and municipal construction department is outdoor work, mobility, water balloon weight is too heavy, construction will bring a lot of negative.
4. installation, pull out to facilitate
Due to rapid construction needs, water balloon must have ease of installation, took to facilitate features.
5. high safety factor
A good safety factor of water balloon must be high, low security balloon will bring economic losses to the construction unit, sometimes also affects the construction of security for its staff, so shopping is a must purchase safety devices such as rings, strap, skeleton material (such as airbags include cord, cords, fiber) bag.