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Pipe sealing bag of water works
- Feb 17, 2017 -

Pipe plug balloon the principle of water is made from quality rubber pipe sealing the balloon by inflating its expansion, when the gas pressure within the balloon reaches the water requirements, water balloon filling the whole pipe section, use pipe sealing the balloon wall friction block with pipes leaking, so as to achieve the objective of no water seepage within the target segment.
Pipe sealing bag models are: PVC valve gas capsule, compound water plugging and mouth shut water shutoff, double the same inflated capsule
Pipe sealing bag is particularly suitable for closed after sewer water test, breath test, leak finding, pipeline maintenance temporary water maintenance testing.
Pipe sealing air bags, mainly for cross tube (horizontal) pipe seal, is characterized by:
1, elliptic, contact pipeline area is not much, but easy to insert into the pipe, and water effects.
2, easy handling, light weight, small body size, economical and practical.
3, the balloon is free to bend 180 degrees, a certain degree of corrosion resistance.
4, strong expansibility.