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Donut Foam Fender
- Nov 01, 2018 -

Donut Foam Fender

donut fender donut fender 1

Donut foam fender is one unique fender with a shape of donut. It is used to protect pillars in rivers or sea and can be used to lead vessels to docks. It rotates when vessels moves along side it. Donut fenders are contructed with a inner steel pipe and foam. It is coated with SPUA. It can be made to different sizes according to the diameter of pillars. 

Donut Fender

Donut Fender have following specs:

1. Proportional load deflection curve

2. Low shear forces

3. Self-adjusting to changing water levels

4. Low installation costs

5. Generally maintenance free

6. Individual drafts can be controlled by counterweights

Donut Fenders have following applications:

1. Locks and dry dock entrances, corner protection, turning dolphins, areas with large tidal variations or bridge protections

2. Other monopile structures

3. Submarine jetties

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