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Advantage of salvaged air bags
- Feb 17, 2017 -

Overall fishing methods include sinking a large pontoon fishing, floating crane and salvage, etc. Current buoy floats used in the method are almost rigid pontoons of rigid material. Rigid pontoons floating ability, in his dive and binding at the time of sinking, vulnerable to environmental impact underwater and floats occupy a large space, storage and transport costs are high. The large floating crane-ship is the primary tool for maritime salvage, but often limited cranes of lifting capacity, coupled with high transport costs, will cause the salvaging cost increases.
Soft materials made of salvaged air bags much more flexible, and can be folded or rolled into a cylinder-like storage or dive, which greatly improves the ability to salvage company salvaged. When in use, air sinking into the sea, and fishing objects fixed, and then inflate to balloon the balloon floating wrecks out of the water. Salvaged air bags can be stuffed into the water the ship or fixed to the sunken ship deck, hull force per unit area is small, strong in ship safety. Salvage air bag descend from the effects of hydrological conditions are relatively small, underwater operation and high efficiency.