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Production And Application Of Marine Rubber Airbag
- May 25, 2017 -

Marine Rubber Airbag is a new type of product developed by our country. It has been widely used in the construction of ships on the ship; After more than 20 years of development practice, the use of marine airbags due to the use of the site less restrictions, without large-scale machinery and equipment, safe and efficient; flexible operation; less capital investment advantages, the majority of owners accepted and recognized.

Marine Rubber Airbag production and application of the main reference to two industry standards:

CB / T3795

CB / T3837

product structure:

The composition of the marine airbag consists of the capsule, the capsule head, the end of the iron pieces.

1 end of the iron pieces: (divided into A inflatable end: installed in the top of the bag, used to inflate or deflate the airbag;

B Sealed end ring: used for air bag handling.

2 capsule: the cylindrical part of the balloon, is the working area of the balloon. Our company according to the balloon rolling, the wall of the main stress of the size and direction of the design of the best overall winding cord layout, to reach the uniform force of the layers, to maximize performance.

3 capsule head: the end of the balloon, divided into hemispherical and conical two.


1. Diameter D is divided into 0.8m, 1.0m, 1.2m, 1.5m, 1.8m, 2.0m

2. Effective length L1 from 6 meters to 23 meters

3. The overall length L is between 7 m and 24.5 m

4. Cord fabric layer is divided into: three curtain four plastic SS-3, four curtain five plastic SS-4, five curtain six plastic SS-5, six curtain seven plastic SS-6.

5. Special size can be processed according to customer requirements.

1. Marine Rubber Airbag for the inflatable products, easy to use, easy to use after removal, saving labor time and labor costs, reduce the intensity of work.

2. I plant the production of Marine Rubber Airbag investment rate of return, each rubber balloon can be used repeatedly to achieve the lowest (round rubber balloon 80 times), (oval rubber balloon 70 times), (octagonal rubber balloon 65 times) Cost savings. I have many years of production experience, the provision of rubber balloon products after all forty-eight hours pressure side leakage test to ensure product quality, pay attention to the company and the brand image of rubber balloon.

3. Marine Rubber Airbag all use natural rubber and synthetic rubber with the use of technology to ensure the quality of rubber balloon stability. To this end, I provide high-quality after-sales service, customer return visit, customer technical problems to answer, and even send technical staff to the customer site guidance. I produced the rubber balloon so that buyers no worries.

Rubber balloon through a number of construction practice proved that the rubber balloon pumping process equipment is simple, not only save the material, and rubber balloon shape and so on, can be round, oval, rectangular, arched, octagonal, trapezoid, etc. Aperture. Can also be straight hole, variable cross-section hole (positive and oblique), etc., can make the building structure becomes light, thin-walled hollow beam plate.