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Rubber Fender Use Material
- May 25, 2017 -

Rubber fender as the name suggests is made of rubber material fender, and its use in the car fender, so the general said that the rubber fender that rubber car fender.

The difference between rubber fender and plastic fender:

Ordinary plastic fender, including PPT material, ABS engineering plastics, soft plastic fender, which is characterized by large hardness easily broken, high temperature and cold environment is more obvious, life generally about a year. The advantage is low price,

Rubber fender using rubber material, soft texture, good elasticity, you can easily bend, not deformation, high temperature resistant wear and tear, frozen environment will not use deformation, cracking, life generally up to 3-5 years the above. Due to different raw materials, so the price is relatively high.

Rubber fender is also known as the fender rubber plate; road vehicles (cars, tractors, loaders, etc.) when running on the block of mud on the rubber plate; generally pure rubber products can also be used rubber, plastic and rubber manufacturing; Better anti-aging properties, commonly used in the rear of a variety of vehicles;

Then the car rubber fender in the end what is the use? There is no need to install it? Xiaobian under the general to explain to you. Automotive rubber fender as the name suggests is the role of mud. It is installed behind the four tires of the car. The front two are fixed on the left and right sill, and the latter two are fixed on the rear bumper (the general is the one). Its purchase in the 4s shop, they are responsible for the installation, the market or online to buy the installation instructions. After the installation of the effect is that the fender than the body protruding about 5cm, the important role of the fender is the role of this 5cm, which 5cm effectively prevent the flying stones and gravel wounded body paint. Make the beautiful coat of the car without damage.

In addition, the role of automotive rubber fender is to increase the overall appearance of the body. This is also a lot of car owners installed car fender reasons.