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13 Marine Airbags Passed V-Trust Inspection
- Jan 04, 2019 -

We had just finished production of 13 ship launching airbags for a shipyard in Indonesia. 

The airbags were fully inspected by the third party V-Trust and passed the inspection with an excellent result.

The diameter and length of all airbags are a little bit bigger than contracted.

The air tightness is very excellent. The working pressure is 0.12mPa. They were tested at 0.15mPa.

After 8 hours, the pressure only dropped 0.05mPa and stalized at 0.145mPa.

Inspection report

Inspection on Diameter and Length

Airbag Diameter Inspection

Airbag Length Inspection

Inspection on Air Tightness

Airbag Inspection Result