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Foam Boat Fenders For Fishing Boats Installed
- Dec 29, 2018 -

Foam Boat Fenders for Fishing Boats Installation Finished

foam boat fender 1 foam boat fender 3

One fishing boat has been ready for launching in Yantai Beifang Shipyard. The foam fenders on the sides of the boat are manufactureed by Qingdao Luhang Marine Airbag and Fender Co.Ltd. Although the fenders of this boat has more complex structure because of the protruding beams, Qingdao Luhang managed to manufactured them in good shapes and sizes.

Foam fender for boat sides is a latest and flexible fender system. It is very light and durable.

D Shape Foam Fender 微信图片_20181220132207

There are tatally 16 fishing boats contracted by China Aquatic Products Co.,Ltd for Morocco.