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Water Swelling Waterstop Technical Requirements And Standards
- Feb 17, 2017 -

Water swelling waterstop is based on the good performance of bentonite raw materials through physical and chemical modification, so that it has a very good water swelling properties and elastomer elasticity. Relies on its sticky paste presets directly in the concrete construction joints and post-pouring seam on the interface, the second after pouring the concrete (that is encased in concrete under). Is ideal for environmentally friendly waterproof material, has been used by numerous large and medium water projects.
Encountered water Hou will gradually expansion, while jam may exists of hair fine pore, and on the makes its concrete interface of contact more close, to produced larger of anti-water pressure, formed not permeable of plasticity colloidal, the check water products has expansion magnification high, mobile added sex strong, placed construction sewing, Hou poured sewing Hou has strong of balance self-healing function, can itself seal blocking for settlement and appeared of new of tiny gap, for has completed of engineering, as gap leakage water, available the check water article again blocking leak, Use the waterproof construction technology of low cost and simple, best corrosion resistance.