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The Specific Function Of Marine Rubber Airbag
- Jul 24, 2017 -

Marine Rubber Airbag in the pipeline closure construction to ensure fast and efficient, quality and quantity, low cost, easy to use, easy to transport, easy to store, easy maintenance, long life, continuous sales for many years NO.1.

In the "safety first, science and technology as the first, quality-oriented, forging ahead, pioneering and innovative" business principles, our company in the community to establish a good corporate image, we would like to continue to innovate the professional and professional products and social return , So that more customers enjoy the "Shanghai Yi Lide Laboratory Equipment Co., Ltd." safe, high quality, efficient, dedicated pipeline blocking service!

Marine Rubber Airbag quick installation method:

1, once (Marine Rubber Airbag) and the catheter connection, you can put the balloon to the bottom of the pipeline.

2, once placed well, with a catheter, and air connected to the internal airbag inflated.

3, when (Marine Rubber Airbag) to complete the work, through the catheter on the airbag deflated.

4, for the branch of the balloon is equipped with a long tube, the diameter of 8mm pu tube.

5, the catheter installed in the airbag valve.

6, the catheter is equipped with automatic safety valve.

7, (Marine Rubber Airbag) for a variety of narrow space blocking and closed water test.

Marine Rubber Airbag, soft and impermeable, in many rubber products, Marine Rubber Airbag is one of the best. It is non-toxic and tasteless, not afraid of high temperature and resist the characteristics of cold, in the high temperature tens of degrees and tens of degrees below zero can still calmly, no change color, without losing the original strength and flexibility. Marine Rubber Airbag also has good insulation, anti-aging anti-aging, anti-aging anti-light and anti-mildew, chemical stability. Because of these specific functions, making the Marine Rubber Airbag in the current drainage pipeline has played an important role. Marine Rubber Airbag has a certain flexibility, excellent insulation, compression, played a role in insulation, shock absorption, sealing, with the process and applicability, and the thickness of a wide range of use, is an excellent water shutoff tool The

The use of Marine Rubber Airbag attention to inflatable pressure, inflatable pressure must be in the pipeline water bag airbag instructions within the range, can not inflate too high pressure. Although the high pressure will give the balloon more friction, but also let the risk of air burst; pressure is too small will cause insufficient friction, so that the blocking effect is not good.

So be sure to pay attention:

1, how much pipe diameter on the election of the corresponding Marine Rubber Airbag products, can not be large can not be small; if the pipeline pressure, to inform the manufacturers, there are pressure pipes need to lengthen the Marine Rubber Airbag.

2, the use of inflatable pressure must be within the specified range, do not overpressure.