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How To Use A Marine Rubber Airbag
- Jun 08, 2017 -

Marine Rubber Airbag ships with high efficiency, flexibility and other advantages. And Marine Rubber Airbag can also reduce the pressure of the ship, for the protection of the bottom of the ship have a very good help. So the Marine Rubber Airbag is more and more popular. But these advantages only with the appropriate way to use when the advantages to maximize the play.

I am here to propose how to use Marine Rubber Airbag recommendations:

(1) in the process of the ship being lifted from the ship pier by the airbag. To be strictly in accordance with the norms to implement.

(2) When the wire rope in front of the ship is disengaged, the ship will slide down by sliding force, moving linearly into a straight line. In this process, the ship will be mainly affected by the Marine Rubber Airbag support force and the airbag on the bottom plate of the friction and gravity. The shipyard can adjust the airbag inflated pressure, and then adjust the tilt angle of the ship, so that the ship's gravity component is slightly larger than the friction, and then form a suitable sliding force, the ship sliding down along the slide, and taxiing speed gradually increased.

(3) When the ship enters the water, the stern will begin to be buoyant of the water, and the ship will continue to move toward the river. As the volume of the stern in the water increases, the stern will gradually float until the ship leaves the platform.

(4) When the ship is in full floating state, the ship will rely on inertia to the process of movement in the river.

The use of airbags on the row of water: the use of airbags on the ship after more than 20 years of practice, the ship from tens of tons of gravity to the current development of tens of tons of tons of large ships, the practice proved that the Marine Rubber Airbag is Safe and reliable.

At present, the technology has been domestic and foreign shipbuilding industry, port construction industry recognized, airbag technology has been in the United States, Europe and Southeast Asia and other countries have been some promotion. High-strength lifting air bag for handling heavy objects:

At present, Marine Rubber Airbag for marine use is widely used in the field of caisson lifting, transportation and launching in port construction. Airbag industry famous Shenxing airbag at home and abroad have completed several shipwreck salvage projects, received customers praise.