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Floating Foam Fenders

Floating Foam Fenders

Floating Foam Fender is a fender filled with cell-closed foam and coated with SPUA. It produces low force reaction but high energy absorption when it is compressed. Thus it is an ideal bumper media for ship bierthing. The size range is from 500 x 1000 up to 4500 x 9000.

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Floating Foam Fender

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Qingdao Luhang was established in 1988 as a manufacturer of marine fenders and ship launching airbags. In time, the foam elastomer technology and shop-floor equipment and processes which formed the basis of the development of those products for the marine environment allowed Hippo to diversify into the design and manufacture of other buoyancy products - such as aids to navigation and floating foam fenders.

Qingdao Luhang now has over 20 years’experience in the supply of foam fenders for onboard, quayside and ship-to-ship use.

The closed-cell polyethylene construction of Hippo fender and buoy cores means that they will not absorb water – even if the outer protective polyurethane coating is breached. This makes Hippo products virtually unsinkable, even after severe damage. The use of closed cell foams, which have high compressive strengths, for fender cores results in an ability to absorb a great deal of energy during operating conditions. This is complemented by low reaction forces, making berthing operations easier - especially in difficult conditions.

There is a standard range of Luhang Foam Floating fenders (ranging from 200mm diameter x 500mm long up to 4500mm diameter x 9500mm long). However, the flexible manufacturing process allows virtually any size to be manufactured to meet our customers’ specific requirements.

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Certificate and Test

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