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Big Size Ship Foam Fender With Chain Tyre Net

Big Size Ship Foam Fender With Chain Tyre Net

Ship foam fenders have various standard sizes: Dia: 0.5m to 4.5m Length: 1m to 9m Customerized sizes and specs are acceptable.

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Big Szie Ship Foam Fender

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Marine foam fenders have a skin made of polyurethane and are filled with foam. The polyurethane skin is wear-resistant and has low frictional resistance. The material is also non-marking and can be produced in various striking colours. The core of this floating fender has a high density and thus readily absorbs energy. The foam used to fill the fender is a closed cell foam material, so even when the skin gets damaged, water will not fill the floating foam filled fender.


Main advantages of Luhang foam ship fenders are:

1. High energy absorption and low reaction force

2. Conforms to hull protrusions

3. Tough, nylon filament reinforced polyurethane skin

4. Remains fully functional even if skin is punctured

5. Great for ship-to-ship lightering and dock fendering

6. Large Standoff distance

7. High energy absorption

8. Easy Installation

9. Adjusts to water level

10. Low maintenance

11. Abrasion protection for rough surfaces

12. Will not fail if skin is punctured


Marine Foam fender size and performance chart:

Foam Fender Performance.jpg

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