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1.5m X 1.6m Foam Donut Fenders Were Shipped Out To Australia
- Jul 31, 2017 -

Qingdao Luhang Marine Airbag and Fender Co.,Ltd had just delivered 8pcs of big donut fenders to Australia.

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Brief Introduction on Floating Dunut Fender:


Qingdao Luhang Marine Airbag and Fender Company designs and manufacturesDonut Monopile floating fender exclusively. Luhang Donut Monopile floating fender design is an innovative foam filled fender. This unique fendering system provides a floating energy absorbing foam filled fender.  It is designed to simply slip over a stationary monopile and float at the fluctuating water line.  

Upon contact of a ship or vessel, this design allows the fender to freely rotate and self adjust with the changing water level. The unique rotating feature also makes it ideal for turning dolphins and eliminates shear forces. Where there are large or extreme tidal fluctuations a mooring crown can be constructed into the fender to allow safe moorage during the tidal swings. This can also be accomplished when the fender is compressed.

Donut Monopile floating fender construction consists of:

·A tough, thick filament nylon tire cord reinforced non-marking urethane skin.

·100% closed cell heat laminated energy absorbing foam core

·Heavy duty internal structural steel core

·Anti-friction bearing pads

·Custom designs and shapes

Donut Monopile floating fender has many applications:

·Breasting Dolphins

·Bridge protection

·Corner protection

·Dock fendering where large tidal changes occur

·Dock fendering where vessels need roll along fenders for loading

·Ferry vessel applications

·Lock entrance  

·Turning dolphin applications

Luhang Donut Monopile floating fender performance features:

·High Energy Absorption with low Reaction Force

·Rotates freely thus eliminating shear forces

·Freely floats with water levels, maintaining optimal fendering

·Allows vessel to roll along fender

·Hull conforming flexible design

·Burst resistant construction

·Unsinkable - buoyant

·Easy installation

·Low maintenance


Floating Donut Fender Sizes and Specs:



Floating Donut Fender Installation:

Installation of our Donut Fenders is  very easy. The fenders will be delivered to site ready for installation on the fender piles. Once lifted over and lowered onto the fender pile the fender should be ready for use. 

Ballasting or trimming is not required as the fender will float at the designed level. Finally a capping feature can be placed over the top of the fender pile to finish the installation off. Maintenance of our donut fenders is very low as the internal bearings are designed to allow the fender to rotate and float up and down with the tide for a period of 25 years. 

Any additional equipment installed with the donut fender such as secondary fenders or mooring points should be maintained separately.

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